Flavors of E-cig

The best advantage one can think of smoking E-cig over tobacco cigarette is choice over various flavors. Flavored E-cigarette cartridges makes smoking experience a little more interesting. Some people definitely choose tobacco smoking/menthol smoking over electronic cigarette, but having more choice over flavors makes a different experience to feel.

Tobacco smoking rules out taste buds in the long run, while flavored e-cigarette helps in retaining it to an extent. Lavish smokers generally taste every puff of some they have and hence this thing improves with the use of flavored c-cigs.  E-liquid with its huge list of flavors has also been able to attract non-tobacco smokers. Each flavor promisingly provides different taste than the other. Some of the basic flavors of disposable electronic cigarette are gold, menthol, red and silver with their tank kit flavors apple, banana, blueberry, cherry apple, chocolate, green apple, etc.


Smokers usually tend to stick to only same one brand and they basically don’t switch over to different flavors. Smokeless cigarettes provides best tasting over flavors with quality e-juices delivering a feel of contentment to smokers. E-cigarette also intensifies the experience of user. Vaping, uniquely allows users to change the flavors depending on their like and dislike.

E-cigarette, thus offers variety of flavors to their smokers allowing them to have a more tailored and agreeable smoking experience.


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